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Winter Tire Information

Rick from Legacy Ford is going to give you a quick tutorial on snow tires.

The important thing about snow tires is to get them off your vehicle when the weather starts to warm up and put them on when it starts to get cold. At around the 7 degree mark is when you want to get them changed.

As the temperature starts to drop, it is a good idea to change them for safer road conditions. One of the differences between snow tires and normal tires are the sipes. Sipes are the little gashes in the tire that gives traction on icy and snowy roads.

With snow tires, it is important to purchase one with a softer compound since it gives better traction on ice. Another important thing to look at when researching snow tires is how deep the sipes are cut; this will tell you approximately how long the tires will last.


Studding your tires will give you ultimate traction when driving on ice. Note that not all tires can be studded, so come in to Legacy Ford Rimbey and ask us for more information.

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