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Legacy Ford Rimbey Fleet Program

Ford Fleet Program

Legacy Ford Rimbey has the largest inventory of fleet vehicles in Rimbey, Alberta. You can have your pick of the Ford lineup to ensure you are getting the vehicle or vehicles you want for your business.

Take a look at the Ford Edge, F-130, Ford Escape, F-150, F-350, Ford Focus and Ford Fusion to name a few. There are many options for you to choose from such as the Commercial Lease which is a customizable, open-ended lease program which gives you flexibility to set the residual based upon business requirements.

There are also awesome warranty options you can choose from to ensure your fleet is always protected no matter what is going on. There is also an outstanding maintenance program to ensure your fleet is always running in tip-top shape.

Come into Legacy Ford Rimbey and take a look at the fleet options the team can set you up with. No matter what you need or how many miles your company need to cover, Rimbey has you covered.

Ross North

Legacy Ford Rimbey



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