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Legacy Ford Rimbey – Ford Warranty Program

Ford Warranty

It is important to protect your investment, no matter how high quality the product it. Freak things do happen and it is always best to be prepared. The team at Legacy Ford Rimbey can not only help you find your perfect vehicle, they will help you find the perfect warranty program.

The basic bumper to bumper coverage is outstand but there are more options to look into. There are many specific warranty programs to look into such as the corrosion is 5 years/unlimited distance, the powertrain is 5 years/100,000km, power stroke diesel engine 5 years/160,000km, safety restraint system 5 years/100,000km, emissions 36 months/60,000km and hybrid unique components 8 years/160,000km.

Don’t leave more things to chance and protect your investment today with Legacy Ford Rimbey. It is always a good idea to see what your options are.

Ross North

Legacy Ford Rimbey



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