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2016 Ford Mustang GT | Rimbey, AB

Hey Eric here at Legacy Ford in Ponoka. We’re in the show room of Ponoka to have a look at this 2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible as you can see. Stock No. C1788. Like I said it’s a GT. It’s got the 5-Liter. This is a brand new vehicle, 2016, okay? The sun’s coming out next week and it’s supposed to be plus temperatures. It’s time for these things to get back on the road and the deals are fantastic on these things. Total rebates from Ford right now is $7,000. Payments on this thing, you get into this car, for $139 a week on proof credit and that’s at an interest rate of 5%. You just work it out.

So, I mean, if you’re interested, you got to come in and take these things for a spin. It’s super fun to drive.. You can take it for a spin. We got manual transmission, 6-Speed, okay, with tons of power behind this is 435 horsepower. Like I said, it is a convertible, this top, the electric come up and you just lock her in place. You do have a nice 8-inch Touch Screen with all the Bluetooth Commandable Media Phone and all that kind of stuff in here as well. Why don’t you have a pop inside? These vehicles are Intelligent Access. You have the different modes there as well. You can go to Track Mode, Sport Mode, you have different– a lot of different modes there, Heated and Cooled seats.

I mean, these things are spectacular, very nicely equipped. Like I said, it is a brand new car. You need to come in. Come on to Ponoka. Come and look at this car. You’ll see this as soon as you walk in. (403) 783-5501 is the phone number here. If you’re in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric, at (403) 843-2622. And Let Your Legacy Start Here.



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