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2016 Ford Mustang | Race Red | Rimbey, AB

Hey, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey, also representing Legacy Ford Ponoka. In Rimbey here to show you this recently traded-in 2016 Ford Mustang. Stock number is P0669. Spring is right around the corner and summer as well, what better way to bring it in than this brand new Mustang.

Race red in colour, very nice colour. It’s got the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine so you have tons of power along with some pretty great fuel efficiency as well. It is automatic transmission and it only has 15,076 kilometers on it. Nice, low K, perfect vehicle for the spring and summer. You’ll have a ton of fun in this car. Here, if you have a look inside, obviously, it is a convertible so the top is down right now. I’ll show you how to get that up in a second here but, as you can see the interior. Leather interior then you got your Power driver seat. You have that nice touchscreen there with the Navigation, heated, cooled seats, we have the toggle switches underneath for your different modes so you got. Track modes, Sport mode, that kind of thing. Perfect vehicle for the summer, you got Bluetooth compatibility for your phone and media and all that kind of stuff as well in this thing. To get the top up, very easy to get the top up (inaudible) this little button on top. Just press and hold this button here that top comes up automatically for us. A little handle, you just pull down and turn. Put up and the top’s up, makes life super easy. Obviously, if it’s raining we’re going to roll the windows up back as well.

Come around the back of the vehicle here, we do have a Power release trunk, okay. Now, Mustangs, there’s a little bit of room back here (inaudible) stuff but if you need to, you got that capability as well. We close her up here, you can see it does have the reverse camera and reverse sensing. For a car like this, very nice to have, you don’t want to be backing into poles or anything like that. At least, it’s going to warn you and let you know if you’re getting close and hopefully prevent you from backing into something, so. Like I said, 15,076 K, some awesome equipment in this vehicle, it’s automatic, 2.3 liter Eco, okay.

Fantastic car for the summer or spring. If you’re interested, come on to Ponoka here, sorry, I’m in Rimbey. Come in on to Rimbey, 403-843-2622 is the phone number. You can talk to myself, Eric, or Doug. In the Ponoka area, pop on in see Trevor Feragen or Chris. Phone number there is 403-783-5501 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.



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