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Ford Facts | When To Remove Your Winter Tires

Ford Facts | When to Remove Your Winter Tires

The magic number is 7. Seven degrees that is, when it is time to remove your winter tires. While the softer compound is great to improve traction and give you better handling with the snow and ice, these tires are not designed for warmer weather. As the pavement warms up, it can actually make them deteriorate quicker.

To know what kind of tires you have and what you need to replace them with, you must understand the complex system of numbers and letters along the side. While these may look complicated at first, they are quite easy to follow once you know their purposes.

  • The first letter – tells the type of vehicle the tire is designed for, P for passenger or LT for light truck
  • First set of numbers – usually three numbers and tells you the tire width in millimetres
  • Second set of numbers – ratio of height to width
  • R stands for radial
  • The third set of numbers tells you the diameter in inches

The next set of numbers is the load index that tells you how much weight your vehicle can handle and is designated per tire. The speed symbol comes after the load index and tells you how fast you can travel. Look down towards the center of the tire and it will tell you the maximum inflation you can have with your tire.


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