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Pre-Owned 2017 Ford Explorer | Rimbey, AB

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford in Rimbey. Today we’re looking at this recently traded in 2017 Ford Explorer this unit only has 5,000 kilometers on it, barely used.

It’s got the 3.5L V6 engine, lots of power for you. Stock# on this unit is P0636. You have a look around the side here it is an XLT trim level. So it’s got some nice features in it. Intelligent Access, so keys in my pocket, in my hand, in your purse wherever; open up that door it will unlock for you. If you have a look inside, it is cloth interior, we have 10-way power adjustable seating with adjustable lumbar support as well.

This unit has navigation, heated seats, dual climate control, every SYNC communication you look for in a vehicle. So your phone, navigation, climate; everything is voice command in this unit.

Look at the back seat here as you can see it’s there’s lots of room in the back of these vehicles, on the back of the console, there is third-row seating. So those seats will flip-up we’ll show you that when we get to the back. In the center stock, you have your rear climate controls. So your passengers can be nice and comfortable, at the climate they prefer. Pop the trunk here, have a look. As you can see right now, these seatbacks are folded down. Easy enough to pull these and pull that strap and they’re gonna flip back. Very easy-to-use and you have your flatline trunk here and you can put that down as well gives you lots of room. To put them back up pull this handle, flip it up, 123 easy as that.


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Look at the back here we do that reverse camera and reverse sensing as well; nice feature to have to make sure you don’t back up into anything. So if you are interested in this unit, come on into Legacy Ford in Rimbey. Come see us here, myself (Eric), Dan or Mandy. Thanks.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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