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SYNC 3 | Connection in its True and Simple Form

Driving from place to place and going on long trips does not have to mean going through periods of disconnection. With the innovative technology of SYNC 3 for Ford, you are able to remain in touch with your devices, your vehicle, and your world. Available versions include SYNC, SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation, SYNC with MyFord, and SYNC with MyFord Touch, the only thing left to do is choose the version of connecting that best suits your lifestyle.

Sync3 911

With an abundant selection of versions, SYNC 3 is able to provide for your specific needs. Whether you require navigation, hands-free calling, access to apps and more, there is a version calling your name. The available SYNC is the most straightforward version of the technology. With enhanced voice recognition, SYNC 3 responds to the way you actually talk, less confusion and more getting what you need out of the easy-to-use system. Start making hands-free calls today with the system that truly hears you and keeps track of your information, such as your numbers, phone book photos, caller ID, and call waiting.

SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation makes finding your destination a breeze. Whether you are on your first route there, or have a place programmed for returns; you can rely on the clear and detailed colour display screens with 3-D maps and landmark icons to get you there with ease. You are also able to choose whatever route is the shortest, fastest, or the Eco-Route through the centre’s suggestions list. The best part about the navigation system is that the more you use it, the more refined and personal the search suggestions become with adaptive search results based upon your preferences.


Taking it up another notch is SYNC with MyFord. This version supplies you with two screens for more detailed information. A 4.2” screen offers bright and clear images so that you never have to wonder what your next move is. The screens are easy to read and have been designed with a clear interface so that all your functions are easy to access.

The last and most complex version is SYNC with MyFord Touch. This highly adaptable and innovative form of technology uses voice commands, steering wheel buttons and a touch screen that reacts quickly with impressive responsiveness. Wirelessly stream through Bluetooth connectivity and drive in a safer and more enjoyable way than ever before.

This all-new design features an interface that has been revamped for a more specific need meeting service in many forms. Whether you are looking for a straightforward way to stay connected, or a complex feature-full version with the ability to aid you in many ways with many features, there is a version of SYNC 3 just right for you. Bring safety and connectivity together and start using this premium media centre, and that keeps itself up to date through Wi-Fi downloads as they become available. Technology just got a lot cooler with SYNC 3, come try it out in Ford vehicle at Legacy Ford Rimbley.

Ross North

Legacy Ford Rimbey



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