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2016 Ford Flex SEL | Bronze Fire Colour | Rimbey, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey, also representing Legacy Ford Ponoka. Here in Rimbey today to show you this 2016 Ford Flex SEL. This one was a lease-back, okay. Stock number is P0666. Now, this Flex is SEL trim level so we have some nice equipment in it, as you can see, we got a nice bronze fire colour here with the black rims. It makes it look really really sharp and you know what its edge too as well. It is all-wheel drive, okay so great vehicle for the family, any road condition and the ride in these things is unbelievable. Now, it does have intelligent access with push button start as long as my hand’s in the door handle, door’s going to unlock for me.

Now, the interior, we do have leather interior. (Inaudible) have Power driver seat along with Power passenger seat. You have a nice touchscreen in the middle there. It’s going to be fully equipped with Navigation. Okay, you got the MoonRoof on top, you got the Bluetooth commandable for your phone, for your music, whatever you like. The back seat here, lots of room in the Flex. Second row is a bench. You have your rear climate control for your passengers and we do have the 3rd row seating as well and like I said, these Flexes, they are fantastic ride, you won’t find a smoother ride out there actually.

We’ll pop the trunk here. It’s a Power liftgate, it’s going to go up automatically for us. Now these seats here, they will fold down into a flat-lying floor, okay. So, headrests are up, slip that guy and yank there and these are numbered so you hit 1 and then you hit 2, you pull the tail. Oops, hit 1, pull the tail and flip that over and you have your flat-lying trunk there and lots of room in there as well. Again, Power liftgate, you got that come down nice and easy.

Of course, we do have a reverse camera, reverse sensing as well, nice to have in case you are backing up and you need that sensing to let you know something’s on the way. If you are interested, come on in and see us here in Rimbey, come see myself or Doug, 403-843-2622 and if you’re in the Ponoka area, go on in and see Trevor or Warren, 403-783-5501 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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