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2017 Ford F-350 Lariat Dually | 6.7L Powerstroke V8 Diesel | Rimbey, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey, also representing Legacy Ford Ponoka. We’re here in Rimbey today to show you this brand-new 2017 Ford F-350 Lariat. This one is a Dually as you can see by the dual wheels in the back here. Stock number is T2060. Like I said, this vehicle is brand-new, you got the whole brand-new body style here. Okay, all aluminum body now, big upgrade as far as Ford is concerned, awesome trucks, great for working. All holiday season time is coming so this one would be a great vehicle to tow that holiday trailer. If you’re doing a little farming in that stock trailer, you’ll have no problem. Let me show you a couple of things inside. This vehicle does come with intelligent access as long as the keys are on me. I can put my hand in the door handle, it’s going to unlock for me.

Get a look inside, you get the leather seating, 10 way Power driver seat and passenger seat. You got the memory settings, power telescoping mirrors, you’re going to have heated seats, cooled seats, we got the nice 8-inch touchscreen in there as well with Navigation, something really nice that Ford didn’t (inaudible) as well, they made that MoonRoof twin panels, you got the front and rear with the MoonRoof. Of course, everything in this truck now is Bluetooth connectable, you can control your climate, media, your phone all through the Bluetooth voice command which is really nice safety feature to have. (Inaudible) to the backseat, lots of room in these backseats. I’m actually going to sneak around the other side here quick. Now, on your backseat here, something new Ford did is we are actually able to have this floor flat, okay, for you old F-350 owners, it used to be the storage right here, you cannot knock it down. Now, we can lift this up and lock-in in place so you do have a little bit of storage when you put those seats down or if you’re hauling something in your backseat, you can collapse that right down, makes everything nice and easy. Of course, it comes with jack and tools and all that stuff, something really nice about that Lariat as well, we do have the heated seats in the rear so these rear seats are heated for your passengers. We have the 110-volt outlet back here as well as 2 USB ports which is new in 2017. Nice to have those USBs, everyone’s got a cellphone, an iPad, you know something these days that they want to charge up, so put that back. Now, on the back of the truck here, as you can see, we got the Dually. Okay, this truck is meant to work all tow, whatever you want with this thing. Now, another cool thing about Lariat is we do have the Power release tailgate that’s going to come down automatically for us nice and easy.

Okay, makes for really easy access. Now, on the back of the truck here, we have the 5th wheel Prep Package in this truck as well. Like I said, spring time is coming, summer time is coming, you got that holiday trailer, makes nice and easy to drop your hitch in and roll away. (Inaudible) (inaudible) tailgate extend, integrated right inside the tailgate. Pull that out, 1 2 3 and you got an easy step to get up in the bed. Of course, being a Lariat and I mean, most vehicles nowadays, we do have the standard rear-view camera there, okay, to let you know you’re not going to back in to anybody or at least it will warn you that you’re going to back in to anybody cos you do have the sensing as well so hopefully, it keeps you safe as you’re backing up.

So, if you are in the Rimbey area, come on in, see myself or Doug. Phone number here is 403-843-2622. If you are in the Ponoka area, pop on in and see Trevor or Warren or Chris. Phone number there is 403-783-5501 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Rimbey



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