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2017 Ford F-150 | XLT Trim | Rimbey, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. Today, here I’m in Ponoka to show you this 2017 Ford F-150. It’s right off the fray truck, brand-new, T1981 is the stock number.

Now, this F-150 does have the 5-liter V8 motor in it. Nice for towing, these trucks have been very popular for people towing. Now, the appearance, we do have the lightning blue colour. It’s a new colour for 2017 in the F-150. This one does have the Sport package on it as well which gives you the front coloured body, bumpers sorry, and we have the black grille as well. Now, on the side of the mirror here, we have a nice feature that Ford offers is the LED spotlights, a couple of bulbs on the side, you got left-hand, right-hand side, you can shine those lights out there very bright. Also, with the Sport package, you get the nice different style rims as well. Now inside, it’s an XLT, so we have cloth interior. Like I said, it’s the Sport package. I’ve said that a few times now but it does have the Sport cloth bucket seats along with the center console, gear shifter in the middle, 10-way Power driver and passenger seats along with the adjustable lumbar. We have the 8-inch touchscreen with SYNC 3, all the Bluetooth connectivity for your phone, media, heated seats, some nice equipment in this vehicle. Something Ford’s popular for is the size of the cab. It’s a flat-lying floor as you can see there and we do have as well flow-through vents and an 110-volt outlet on the back of that console. As you can see, tons of room for your passengers and very comfortable as well.

Now, the back of the truck really nice feature is the tailgate does lock with the fob, so I hit that button, tug it, it’s locked, hit it twice, unlock it and we can pull her down. And you have the spray-in bedliner from the factory. Really nice feature to have to protect the bed of your truck as well and we do have LED box lights on either side, and the cab lights come on top as well, very nice thing to have when it’s dark out, and you are unloading. We do have the reverse camera in this truck along with the reverse sensing, and like I said, with the Sport package, we got the body colour bumper as well. Like I talk about earlier, we are set up to tow, we have the 7-pin, 4-pin wiring along with the hitch down here. So, if you’re interested in the brand-new 2017 F-150, come on in, see us here in Ponoka, there are some great deals going on right now.

Come see my..sorry, I’m not in Ponoka, I’m in Rimbey. If you’re in the Rimbey area, come see myself, Eric, at 403-843-2622. If you’re in Ponoka, come on and see the guys here see Trevor, Tyler or Warren. The phone number here is 403-783-5501 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Rimbey



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