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2017 Ford Focus RS | Legacy Ford Rimbey

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Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Ponoka, also representing Legacy Ford Rimbey. I’m out here today in Ponoka to show you this beautiful car that just got dropped off last night. It’s a brand-new 2017 Ford Focus RS. Stock number is C2013.

Now, we got an RS, a Focus RS, sorry. Would have been bought a year ago and it was sold before it even hit the ground, so this thing will not last long so if you’re interested, you got to come in and drive it as soon as possible. The Focus RS has a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine that’s going to give you 350 horsepower and 350 ft. pounds of torque. Crazy amount of power behind these vehicles. It is all-wheel drive as well. Super fun vehicle to drive. Appearance wise, great looking vehicle, you get the Nitrous blue colour along with the Brembo calipers that match 19-inch tires. Crazy, crazy, cool thing.

2017 Ford Focus RS

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We’ll have a look inside. As you see, we got the 6-speed manual transmission and of course. This car is so fun to drive. You have different modes. You have your Track mode; you have Sport mode, you have Drift mode. It’ a little rally car. It’s amazing what kind of power and you know, torque and everything that comes with this. It leaves you speechless. I mean, backseat, it’s a regular Focus. You got the Recaro racing seats, of course, up front, navigation, the 8-inch touchscreen, Sunroof. So, lots of nice features, what I want to talk about. You know you got to drive this thing to get a feel for it. It’s too hard to put into words.

So come on in see us here in Ponoka. Come see Trevor, Tyler or Warren. 403-783-5501. If you’re in the Rimbey area, I can have it brought up; you can come see myself Eric at 403-843-2622 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Rimbey



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