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$29.95 Oil Change Special | Legacy Ford Rimbey

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey. You may have seen me on Facebook doing a bunch of videos and walk-arounds of new vehicle/used vehicle that kind of thing. Today I’m here to talk about something a little bit different. I am in our Service Department in Rimbey.

To talk about our vehicle maintenance. Every 6 months or 8,000 kilometers Ford recommends you bring your vehicle in for your oil change and multi-point inspection. Now the reason I say this is; if you are ready for that oil change you need to come down to Legacy Ford Rimbey today because we’re having a $29.95 oil change special gas engines only. With that $29.95 you’re gonna get your oil changed and you’re also going to get this thing here and what this is, is a vehicle report card, It is a multi-point inspection so you can track what’s going on with your vehicle after each service. So every time you come in you get one of these you can see how your brakes are doing, your tire treads, all that kind of stuff. You know if you need air filters, that kind of thing.

So you need to come down to Legacy Ford Rimbey. Another nice thing is that we put in OEM parts. What that means is, it is the original equipment from the manufacturer. Basically it’s the right part for your truck, car or SUV. It’s not a best-fit part it’s the right part.

So what we use all the parts, we do your multi-point inspection, we do your oil change. Come on in today; Legacy Ford Rimbey If you want to know more about all of the oil filters. Trevor is our Parts Manager. Come on down to Legacy Ford Rimbey, book your appointment today give Trevor call, or Lindsay, she’s not here right now but she is our Service Manager here. Give her a call 403-843-2622 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

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Legacy Ford Rimbey



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