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Re-Designed 2017 Ford Fusion | Legacy Ford Rimbey | Rimbey, AB

Hi Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey, also we have a site in Legacy Ford Ponoka. We’re in the show room in Rimbey today and let me show you the brand new 2017 Ford Fusion. This vehicle has been redesigned. I will show you a couple of things inside that are pretty cool. The Stock Number on this particular unit is C1912. You can have a flashy vehicle; you got the nice bright blue colour there.

Now, the rates on these things are awesome. They’re 0% up to 72 months and 0.99% for 84, so some great incentives there, some great interest rate on these vehicles. This one in particular is front wheel drive. There is All-Wheel Drive available in the Fusion. Now this one’s got the 1.5-Liter EcoBoost Engine. It’s going to average, and I say average, between city and highway, okay? It’s going to average 32 miles to the gallon, so some great gas mileage in it as well. We’ll have a look at inside the vehicle here. We have Ford’s Keyless Entry Pad here. Just pop in your code and you’re good to go; you can unlock those doors. Have a look at the interior. Now this is one cool thing that’s changed about the interior of these vehicles is they went to a turn dial Shifter right in the centre there, okay? It opens up a lot of room in the console. It makes the vehicle a lot more spacious, okay? Now this one’s got your 8-inch Touchscreen, you have heated seats, you have your Voice Activation for Bluetooth and all that kind of stuff. Also, this one is equipped with Navigation, okay, so it’s a great unit. As you can see, it is leather seating, you have your Power Driver Seat there, and it is Memory Setting Seating as well.

The back of these cars, there’s lots of room. I’m a pretty tall guy. I’ve sat in a bunch of them and I fit perfectly back there, so if it’s room you’re looking for in a car, fantastic room in these vehicles. And also, the trunk space, I’ll point that out as well. If you could see way back in there, it’s very, very deep. I can’t even reach all the way in there. Okay, so tons of room if you ever, you know, hauling around gold clubs or anything, really. We do have the reverse camera right here, okay, and the reverse sensing in this unit.

Now like I said, there’s 0% financing up to 72 months and with all those features and  in your leather vehicle, you got the navigation, you got the nice touchscreen and all that kind of stuff. $32,438 is the asking price for that car, okay? So, there, and like I said 0% financing and all that. Come on in. See us here in Rimbey. Come see myself, Eric, or our Sales Associate, Doug. Phone number here is 403-843-2622. If you’re in the Ponoka area, pop on in. See Trevor, Tyler or Warren. The phone number there is 403-783-5501. Okay, so come on in if you want to check this car out or another one out there. We have lots of Fusions. Come on in and have coffee.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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