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Ford Facts with Rick | Truck Accessories

Join Legacy Ford’s Rick Boron as he discusses various Ford truck accessories, on this edition of Ford Facts with Rick. Watch all Ford Facts on our YouTube channel!

Ford offers a large number of various accessories, including levelling kits, full suspension lifts, wheels, chrome add-ons, mud deflectors, and more. Visit Legacy Ford Rimbey today for full details on how you can get your truck Alberta-ready with a few custom touches.

It’s becoming more common to take your truck up a notch with oversized wheels. Luckily, Legacy Ford offers the latest styles, such as rugged Cooper AT3 work rims, to give your truck that one-of-a-kind lifted look.

You can also make your truck your own by adding a few custom touches. Choose between chrome or smoke mud deflectors, vent shades, rocker mouldings, sleek rims, and more! Ford also offers accessories to protect your truck, including a wide array of covers, liners, floor mats, and more.

When it comes to customizing your truck, Rick has a few recommendations. First, don’t forget to get an alignment done upon adding a suspension kit to your truck. Also, don’t forget to adjust your mudflaps when opting for oversized wheels, to avoid them rubbing on your tires.

For more on customizing your truck with Ford’s Truck Accessories, visit Legacy Ford Rimbey today. Let your legacy start here!

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