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Ford Facts with Rick | Wiper Blades

Rick Boron from Legacy Ford is here to discuss Genuine Ford Wiper Blades, in this edition of Ford Facts with Rick. Watch all Ford Facts on our YouTube channel!

It is vital to change your wiper blades twice a year (every six months.) Rick recommends that replacements should be done in both the Spring and Fall, as part of your scheduled maintenance routine. Replacing your wiper blades in the Spring aids against the wear and tear of the Canadian Winter, while changing them in the Fall fights against Summer’s heat damage, such as potentially warping the blade.

With Ford, you can shop a wide array of wiper blades that are essentially broken down into three main types.

  • Original Equipment – These are the wiper blades that come standard with your Ford vehicle. Your vehicle came equipped with either the flex wiper blade or the hinged model.

  • Premium Hinged Blade – Ford’s premium hinged blade offers a wear sensor, which turns yellow when it is time to replace the blade.

  • Formed Flex Blade – The formed flex blade from Ford applies even pressure on the windshield for a full all-around clear view.

Legacy Ford Rimbey offers a wide range of wiper blade brands that are compatible with all vehicles. And that’s not all; did you know when you purchase your wiper blades through the Legacy Ford parts counter, our service team will install them? Plus, as a bonus to any Ford owners, when you stop by to purchase your wiper blades, we’ll top your washer fluid up for free!

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