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How To Pair Your Mobile Phone with Your MyFord Touch System

Trevor Feragen is here to assist you in pairing your cell phone with your MyFord Touch System, available in most Ford vehicles.

  1. Enable Bluetooth on the cell phone.

  2. On the MyFord Touch System’s touch screen, tap Add Phone.

  3. Access the Bluetooth settings on the cell phone, and connect it to the SYNC system.

  4. For security purposes match the numbers, and select Pair on the MyFord System’s touch screen.

  5. The cell phone is now paired to the MyFord Touch System.

  6. MyFord Touch System will give the option to download contacts from the cell phone and connect to 9-1-1-Assist. This is a safety feature which is free of charge.

Legacy Ford Rimbey wants you to get the most out of your investment. If you have any questions or want to get behind the wheel of one of our Ford models equipped with the MyFord Touch System, come on down to our showroom and “let your legacy start here”.

Ross North
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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