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How To Use Your MyFord Touch Navigation System

Legacy Ford Rimbey wants you to get the most out of your investment. That’s why Trevor Feragen from Legacy Ford is here to show you how to use the MyFord Touch Navigation System with ease. The MyFord Touch Navigation System is available on most new Ford models.

  1. Tap the green corner on the MyFord touch screen.

  2. A map will appear, displaying your current location.

  3. For directions simply tap the Destination button and begin typing the address.

  4. Once your address in inputted, tap Go and it will pinpoint your destination.

  5. Touch the Set as Destination button to get directions.

  6. You can also select your destination as a Favourite.

For any questions about the MyFord Touch Navigation System, visit Legacy Ford Rimbey today, and let your legacy start here.

Ross North
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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