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NEW 2016 Ford Fiesta 4-Door Sedan SE | Rimbey, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey, also representing Legacy Ford Ponoka. We’re here in Rimbey today to show you this 2016 Ford Fiesta SE.

This Fiesta is great on gas, you’re going to be able to drive forever in these things. Crazy amount of fuel efficiency these things have.

It does have some nice equipment in it as well. We got the keyless entry here, we can punch in our code, get in the door, nice and easy.

Power locks, and unlock. You got your alarm, of course. If we have a look inside, it does have the SE Sport package, so you get that cool red stitching on the seats, cloth interior with that cool red stitching. You also get that touch screen up top there, so you can have your media, and Bluetooth connectivity for your phone, for your music, whatever you like.

These are a compact car. There is still lots of room in the back seat, you can fit a couple of people back there.

Like I said, very fuel efficient, so when you go on trips you’re going to be saving tons of money and gas with this beauty.

We do have the power unlock at the trunk, you hit that button twice, the trunk unlocks for us.

Now this one is a Sedan so it’s got the hatchback. You got tons of space in the trunk here. For a compact car, there is a lot of room back there to carry things around if you like. Like I said, great car for the long road trips, very fuel efficient. Safe, reliable vehicle.

Now this Fiesta MSRP is $21,824. Now it’s 2016, and we’re going to sell that to you for $16,995. That is a fantastic amount of savings on a small car like this. Payments would work out to $54 bi-weekly over 96 months.

Like I said, this Fiesta, fuel efficient, cheap payments. It’s going to be a great value for your money car. You’re going to be able to do whatever you like.

We have a diesel going into the shop in the back so I apologize for the noise. It’s almost gone, don’t worry. If you’re interested go on into Legacy Ford in Ponoka. 403-843– no, sorry, that’s Rimbey’s number. 403-783-5501.

You can talk to Trevor, or Warner, Chris. If you’re in the Rimbey area give myself, Eric a call, or our salesman Doug. Phone number here is 403-843-2622. Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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