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NEW 2017 Ford Escape SE 4WD | Rimbey, AB

Hi, Eric here at Legacy Ford Rimbey, also representing Legacy Ford Ponoka.

We’re in the Rimbey store today. We’re in the showroom to show you this 2017 Ford Escape SE. Stock number is T-1782.

Now this Escape, let me talk about the colour of it. It’s a white gold. I always say gold is good, so fantastic colour.

Now being an SE we are in that mid trim level area. Let me show you some cool features we got inside the vehicle here. On the side here we do have the keyless entry, we can type in our code and get into the doors, or get into the vehicle. Nice and easy.

If we have a look inside here, you can see tons of room in these things. They moved the shifter on these Escapes. You see a lot more room in these vehicles.

You have the Sync3, sorry, you have the Sync system. Bluetooth commands for your phone, media. You have heated seats in this vehicle. You have your dual climate control as well, really nice feature to have.

This is a compact SUV. Lots of room in the back seat. Great vehicle for travel. Very fuel efficient vehicle.

A really nice thing about this Escape, you have the 110V power pack in the back, really nice thing to have. You want to charge either a phone, or an iPad, or something these days that people want to charge, right?

Back of the vehicle, I’ll lift off the trunk and show you the space you have back here. Lots of space here. We can flip these seats down as well. You can have a flat line all the way through. Really nice to have that capability in case you’re hauling something a little bit bigger.

As we can see, it has an EcoBoost engine, so very efficient on fuel, and it does have 4-wheel drive as well. Nice to have that, especially here in Alberta we get those winter roads. It’s a very nice thing, that all-wheel drive capability to have, you can go through any road condition.

We do have the reverse camera as well on this vehicle. You can back up and look and see what’s going on behind you.

This Escape, MSRP on this Escape is $31,739. We’re going to sell this vehicle for $25,734 plus GST and fees. That works out to payments of $79 weekly over 96 months. So, they say the Escape is the best value for your money vehicle as far as the concerns you’ve got.

So much awesome equipment, compact into this SUV for a great price. Like I said, 4-wheel drive, heated seats. You have your Sync system, so you’re hands-free driving, control on your music, phone, whatever you feel like. All for as low as $79 weekly. That’s a crazy payment.

So come on in, come see us here in Rimbey. Come see myself or Doug. Phone number’s 403-843-2622. If you’re in the Ponoka area you can pop on in there and see Trevor, or Warren, or Chris. Phone no. there is 403-783-5501 and Let Your Legacy Start Here.

Sales Team
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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