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Oil Filters, What’s The Difference? Ford Facts with Rick

Oil Filters, What’s the Difference? | Ford Facts with Rick

The oil filter has a tough job to do. It removes contaminants from the oil before they have a chance to ruin the engine. It only makes sense to use the best filter that you can. When you see the range of prices in oil filters, you may wonder if there is a difference in quality as well.

Oil Filters become clogged over time as they hold the debris and dirt. To ensure that oil still gets through, these filters have a bypass valve. The problem with this solution is that the oil getting through at this point is not being filtered. That is why it is important to have your oil changed when it is time.

Understanding the Differences:

  • One of the main differences is in the spring. A quality filter like the one made by Ford has a wide spring as opposed to a single spring. This helps prevent unfiltered oil from getting through.
  • Another major difference is the fact that quality filters have the paper filters molded into the bottom instead of being glued in.

You also want to know what your bypass valve is made of. The Ford filter has a silicone valve that can stand up to the heat of the engine. Cheap filters may have either plastic or rubber that can melt with heat. This can result in no oil getting through and damaging your engine or some of the components.

As Rick from Legacy Ford Rimbey says, “Is it worth spending a couple of extra dollars to protect the life of your engine?” Let your legacy start here and enjoy quality sales and service.

Ross North
Legacy Ford Rimbey



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