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Winter Tire Information – Ford Facts with Rick

Winter Tire Information | Ford Facts with Rick

If you travel the highways during a typical cold and snowy Canada winter, you know the importance of having snow tires. What you may not know is that there is a difference in brands and types of snow tires.

Snow tires are designed to improve traction on snowy roads and keep you safe. You want to put them on as soon as winter weather arrives. It is safe to install them on your vehicle as soon as the temperature hits 7 degrees. However, you also want to remove them as soon as the danger of winter has passed.

Choosing a Snow Tire:

  • You want to look at the sipes in a tire or the small grooves cut into each tire between the deeper grooves. The deeper these sipes, the longer the tire will last.
  • A softer compound is also important to improve traction in winter. That is one of the reasons that regular tires do not work as well since they tend to become hard and brittle in cold temperatures.

Getting a studded tire or having one studded is another option to add more traction to your vehicle.  Not all tires can be studded so you want to find out if that is a priority for you. Studies have shown that it can help in harsh conditions or on snow-packed roads to provide for better grip.

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